We are moving during the month of February to our new location at 5129 Kieley Place!

Now that the Stay-at-Home orders have been lifted and businesses are cautiously re-opening, we are doing the same. Effective June 1, 2020, Puppy Pre-School, Basic Obedience and Intermediate Obedience classes will begin. Advanced Obedience and Agility class will begin the week of July 6th. Please see the schedule posted on the website for dates and times.

If you are enrolled in a class and don't feel well, please protect others around you and stay home. Contact the instructor and we will send the class notes to you.

Masks are required, by state and local mandate and we are sanitizing after each class.

Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.

Alice’s Companion Dog Training School LLC, located in Cincinnati Ohio, was formed to assist a dog owner in training their dog to become a calm, confident companion. We believe that consistent motivational training creates a stronger bond between the handler and the dog. We also consider it our mission to encourage and promote responsible dog ownership among pet owners. Gentle, but effective training is one facet of this ownership.

Alice’s Companion Dog Training School, LLC’s Training Philosophy

At Alice’s Companion Dog Training School, LLC, we believe that obedience training should build a positive relationship or bond between the handler and the dog. Therefore, training should be enjoyable for both the handler and the dog. We attempt to make training fun for the handler and the dog and we do not use harsh physical corrections. Rather we use various motivational training methods to encourage the dog to follow the handler’s lead. As the handler/dog relationship grows, the dog will become more confident in the handler’s ability to lead and the dog will become a more obedient, well behaved companion.

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